Huntington Beach Areas – Know Before You Move On

As you know, Huntington Beach is one of the most popular and largest beach towns of Orange County, California. The town is situated just to the south of Seal Beach and to the north of Newport Beach. As an affordable beach town, this real estate covers a huge area with a number of pockets. However, like any beach town, a property close to the Pacific Ocean is the most sought after and can be very expensive too.

According to best realtors of this place, people prefer this area as it allows most homeowners the ability to store a boat, should they own one. Another reason why people like to buy a home here is that Huntington Beach is more affordable than beach cities further south, like Laguna Beach and Newport Beach – places where the average single home can cost $2 million.

However, people who are in the town for a couple of years only, like to rent a home there in Huntington Beach. Whether you buy or rent a home there, it’s always good to begin your journey for a new home by contacting a Huntington Beach real estate agent.

Huntington Beach Areas with specifications

Before you start your search, be informed that the town is mainly divided into four main areas and those are:

1. Northeast Areas – This location is perhaps the most affordable area of Huntington Beach. It just west of the 405 Freeway and Fountain Valley. You can find about 50 different neighborhoods here.

2. Northwest Areas – This area is located in the upper north portion of the beach town and very close to the ocean. Its proximity to the ocean has made the properties here, even condos, some of the most expensive in town. Properties with boat access along with main channels are the most desirable areas. Properties with views of different channels of the harbor and Pacific Ocean are also highly sought-after. Most condos in this area feature private boat docks.

3. South Areas – This area is situated to the north of Newport Beach, Santa Ana Heights between Pacific Coast Highway, Costa Mesa and 405 Freeway. From condos to gated communities such as Huntington Place, the beach expanse consists of more than 60 neighborhoods. As reported by top realtor Huntington Beach, here you can find single level homes at a price range between 400,000 USD and 600,000 USD.

4. Western Areas – This is probably the most sought-after area of the beach town. The area offers huge numbers of neighborhoods to select from. Apart from condos, you can also find a number of homes in gated communities. Most of these homes come with amenities such as tennis and clubhouse activities, pool etc. Some popular town homes of this area include Del Way Townhomes, Beachwalk, La Cuesta Racquet Club, Seaside Village and Pacific Ranch Townhomes. Due to the closeness to the ocean, this area tends to be pricier than other areas of the beach town.

If you’re looking for your dream home in this area, you will find a wide variety of options here. Start your search with your preferred price range and then narrow them down accordingly.