Faucets Review: Which Among the Huntington Brass Faucets Suit You?

Although faucets essentially perform the same functions, it is quite easy to observe that faucets come in various forms, whether they’re intended for bathrooms, kitchens or elsewhere. If you have been fascinated by or at least gotten familiar with the brand Huntington Brass, then this page will be able to aid you.

Huntington Brass Faucets come in a variety of collections that each have characterizing traits and intended target users. These diverse products can be classified together into three main collections- Platinum, Décor and Professional.

The first main category is the Platinum Collection. This main group is divided into Signature, Platinum Luxury and Residence Collections. Under the Signature group are four types of Huntington Brass Faucets. These are Intrigue, Favari, Monarch and McMillan.

If you want to appear elegant but a desire to avoid the label of being too conservative or too liberal, then Intrigue faucets may suit you best. These faucets have relatively simple but definitely non-boring patterns. A big advantage of the Intrigue class is its compatibility with virtually any bathroom or kitchen decoration. This makes sure that your selected product will not stand out too much or won’t just be neglected.

Favari is ideal for supporters of minimalism. There’s a significant number of people who strongly concur that art is not about the quantity of comprising characters, but rather it is purely about the impression impacted upon the observer. Favari design showcases a viewpoint that is straight to the point. Its plain but neat nature exudes a level of sophistication that even non-minimalists may appreciate.

Monarch contrasts Favari but this does not mean that one is weaker compared to the other. Both can be deemed attractive, but they differ in terms of their target audiences. Monarch marks an impression through the carefully crafted details and timeless curves that distinguish this faucet type from others. This demonstration of curves and fine details embodies grace and analytical sophistication.

The new and the old don’t have to always belong to two distinct entities. If you want to mix contemporary with classic, then McMillan faucets are your best options. The hex design is the classical component, while the flair exemplifies modernity.

If you don’t like Huntington Brass Faucets falling under the Signature Platinum Collection, you can always try the Platinum Luxury Collection and Residence Collections. Atlantis, Jewel, SeaCrest, Wyndamere, Wyndamere Classic, Montage and Versailles are the available options under the Luxury Collection while the Residence Collection is made up of Bellezza and Remington faucets. If you can afford spending lavishly, then you may consider any of the Luxury Collection faucets. They come with higher prices but their increased sophistication and appeal will definitely factor out the added expense. If you don’t want too much deviance but still desire some uniqueness, then Bellezza or Remington will definitely do.

If you don’t find the Platinum Collection interesting, you can always take a look at faucets included in Décor Collection. Available models are Emory, Merced, Carmel, Sienna and Cypress. These models are characterized by greater and more recognizable craftsmanship than the previous models. These are also more appropriate for the more open-minded homeowners.

In the unlikely event that you dislike all of the available Décor and Platinum Huntington Brass Faucets, it’s always assuring to learn that the Professional Collection is guaranteed to fill in the customer type that the two other major groups fail to satisfy. Whoever you may be, there’s definitely at least one Huntington Brass Faucet that will suit you.

Where to Buy Real Estate in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a coastal city in Orange County that has four distinct and very popular areas: The Downtown Huntington Beach real estate market, The Huntington Harbour real estate market, The Huntington Seacliff and Edwards Hill real estate markets.

The Downtown Huntington Beach Real Estate Market

Downtown is arguably the most popular neighborhood in all of Huntington Beach. The boundaries are Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Goldenwest, Yorktown and Beach Boulevard. Downtown property provides easy access to our wonderful beach, Main Street shops and restaurants, and the Huntington Beach Pier. Ocean View Properties on PCH vary from small condos to 3000+ square foot estates. Other properties within Downtown include small to large condos as well as small to large detached single-family homes. One consistent feature exists within this neighborhood, and that feature is the presence of surfboards in nearly every home. Home prices range from a low of about $425K for a 2-bedroom, 1 bath bungalow to over $6 million for a luxurious 4 bedroom, 6 bath home. Condominiums range in price from a low of $140K to a high of $1.6 million.

The Huntington Harbour Real Estate Market

Huntington Harbour Homes and Condominiums are part of a master-planned waterfront community called Huntington Harbour. The community contains waterfront restaurants and shopping as well as condominiums and estates. Many of the Huntington Harbour homes include privately held boat slips. The area’s official title is Sunset/Huntington Harbor and it includes Sunset Marina Park as well as two public marinas. Some of the cities finest properties are located here. Home prices range from $539K for a 3 bedroom, 2-bath home to $6.4 million for a stunning, 3-story, 5-bedroom, 8-bath home with spectacular ocean and Catalina views.

The Huntington Seacliff Real Estate Market

The Seacliff Neighborhood was originally planned around a public golf course with excellent beach access. Now Seacliff real estate provides some of Huntington Beach’s most exclusive properties with it’s many gated communities. The Seacliff Country Club is now private with memberships available. Seacliff boasts homes with premiere ocean views to golf course views, with everything in between. Some of Southern California’s most notable actors, actresses and athletes call Seacliff their permanent residence. Home prices range from $740K for a 3 bedroom, 2-bath home to $2.3 million for a large home with a view.

The Edwards Hill Real Estate Market

The Edwards Hill Neighborhood is bordered by Garfield, Edwards, Ellis and Goldenwest Streets. Some of Huntington Beach’s largest homes and parcels are found in Edwards Hill, including many homes over 5000 square feet. Manicured and defined horse trails run through this entire neighborhood providing Huntington Beach’s only equestrian environment. If you are looking for a real playground and need plenty of space, Edwards Hill is the neighborhood for you. Home prices range from $1.5 million to $2.6 million.

Huntington Beach Real Estate

With so many beautiful communities and wonderful places to reside, California has much to offer. For those looking to buy a new home in a truly special and outstanding town the Huntington Beach real estate market is the place to look. This stunningly attractive coastal city offers so much by way of recreation, outdoor pursuits, high living standards and so much more which has ensured that the Huntington Beach real estate market continues to flourish.

Located in the heart of California just 40 miles south of Los Angeles and affectionately known as ‘Surf City USA’, Huntington Beach really is an idyllic and sumptuous place to live. As the population continues to grow beyond the current 200,000 residents, the Huntington Beach real estate market continues to offer some of the finest properties around. Considered one of the safest communities in the country and visited by millions of tourists each year, it is no surprise that many people who visit decide to secure their very own piece of Huntington Beach real estate.

Though the climate and the surf is a draw for many, the Huntington Beach real estate market attracts people for many reasons, not the least of which is the amenities and the high quality of life enjoyed by residents. The eclectic blend of residents creates a culturally bountiful city and ensures that the Huntington Beach real estate market continues to thrive and attract discerning buyers. The cultural heritage of the city is shown by the numerous libraries, fine arts, museums and the magnificently opulent Huntington Beach playhouse.

As you would expect in a city, the residential population has families, professionals, young and old. Huntington Beach real estate truly offers something for everyone and the schools, colleges mean that more the family atmosphere is always maintained. Sporting facilities such as volleyball, baseball, soccer and the scenic beauty of the many parks ensure that the recreational options cater for people of every age and fitness level. Those who buy Huntington Real estate also enjoy the wide range of world class dining, shopping and entertainment choices provided in the city. Boasting one of the longest recreation piers in the country, biking and hiking trails by the ocean and more outdoor options than most places the continued success of the Huntington Beach real estate market is no surprise.

With a burgeoning population, a prosperous local economy and a wealth of superb facilities, amenities, natural scenery and more, now is the time to secure your own piece of Huntington Beach real estate.